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AQYR designs and manufactures highly portable GBS and 2-way auto-acquisition, single-case, portable ground terminals for Government Agencies, Military, Media, and Emergency Response. These compact terminals provide ease of transport, quick assembly, rapid acquisition and ease of operation. AQYR is the Program of Record source for Expeditionary GBS terminals, with over 600 in the field. Our non-DoD terminals are very easy to set-up, operate, and maintain. The TYPHOON AutoAQYR™ 1.0M SATCOM terminal delivers lightning fast acquisition and strong performance in a extremely portable configuration. Presently Ku band, the TYPHOON is being upgraded with Ka and X band. The TARANIS is a super compact AutoAQYR™ 65cm dual optics SATCOM with a highly efficient dual optics reflector, Gregorian antenna design, presently operating on the Viasat network, but soon as a Ku band terminal. The Ataksak (formally ThinPACK) is our flat panel terminal, extremely compact and available in Ka, X, and Ku.

Company Website: http://www.aqyrtech.com