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Steven Jorgenson, Founder and General Partner
Starbridge Venture Capital

Steven Jorgenson is the Founder and General Partner of Starbridge Venture Capital, a Washington D.C. based investment firm started in 2017, focused on opportunities in and around the space industry. Starbridge is currently managing its second investment fund, with a focus on technologies that expand the space economy while also addressing large existing terrestrial market needs. This results in a truly multidisciplinary approach to space investing, with clearer, quicker paths to profitability. Steven is also an active angel investor, advisor, and a proponent of the idea that commercial space companies will be a main driver of 21st century innovation.

Previously, Steven had a two decade career as an investment manager and financial markets trading specialist – beginning at the Chicago Board of Trade, then the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and later for over a decade as the Portfolio Manager for two market-beating Florida-based hedge funds. Steven is also Founder of Fifth Point Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor company (RIA), and seemingly a lifetime ago, graduated with honors from University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Bacteriology, Biology, and Business.

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